PSSCogRehab Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy System - English

Welcome to PSSCogRehab 2012 - our comprehensive and easy-to-use cognitive rehabilitation therapy system that is supported by numerous research publications as a viable, evidence based therapy protocol for those needing cognitive skill enhancement training. If you need to purchase your rehab software then this is the system for you. If you prefer to utilize the Internet in your therapy setting then you might want to take a look at our online, subscription-based Neuropsychonline or Challenging Our Minds systems.


PSSCogRehab 2012 has been totally rewritten with all new graphics, additional therapy exercises, menu selectable Administration features and much more. It contains all eight therapy modules, preinstalled on a high quality Flash Drive. The Flash Drive is totally self contained. You do not install it on the computer. This means you can carry your PSSCogRehab 2012 system around with you and use it on any Windows (XP or higher) or Apple Mac OSX computer simply by plugging it into the USB port.


The eight software modules in the PSSCogRehab 2012 system include some sixty-seven computerized therapy tasks, most of which contain User modifiable parameters that extend the utility of each program to fit nearly any requirement presented by your patient or student. The focus of the individual exercises extends from simple attention and executive skills, through multiple avenues and modalities of visuospatial and memory skills, all the way up to problem solving skills ranging from the simple to extremely complex.


This compendium of programs was 30+ years in the making and has been used in over 5000 treatment facilities from around the world. Published (peer-reviewed) research evidence clearly shows the effectiveness of this tool when used properly in a well formulated treatment program.


One must keep in mind that cognitive rehabilitation is not a process that can occur overnight, even when one is using high tech software and computers. We work closely with our patients to facilitate the retraining process by teaching compensatory skills and good techniques for analyzing, organizing, strategy development and response implementation. We recommend all therapists to utilize these techniques. PSSCogRehab 2012 provides good therapists with the very best tools available to efficiently and effectively work with their patients.

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