A world wide leader in the development and online implementation of clinical software for cognitive rehabilitation therapy, cognitive enhancement therapy and differential diagnosis of neurological and neuropsychological problems. We have software in English, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

Psychological Software Services

A division of the Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis

Our cognitive rehabilitation therapy, clinical assessment and differential diagnosis software applications are developed in a clinical setting, the Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis.

Applications for Cognitive Rehabilitation / Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

We know that good cognitive rehabilitation therapy requires the supervision and clinical interaction of a good therapist. That's why we have developed our cognitive exercises as tools for the therapist and our software systems for management of patient rosters, therapy data, graphing, charting and progress reporting. Browse through our program descriptions and email us if you have questions. Our online software systems offer a  preview trial for clinicians, therapists and teachers.


Challenging Our Minds

Applications for Cognitive Rehabilitation / Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

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